The versatility of our production is such that we cater to a large variety of industries. We have a longstanding experience in exports, and all our materials comply with international quality, safety and environmental standards.


Not only do we have cutting and lining products for women and men, but our catalog also covers the sports, children, fashion and safety sectors. In addition, all our footwear material is provided with an antibacterial coating.

Synthetic Leather Goods

We know that quality bags, purses and belts should combine practicality, durability and style, which is why we have first class materials that excel not only for their technical characteristics (resistance, durability and flexibility), but also for their designs, colors and finishes.

High-End Contract and Residential Upholstery

We have a wide variety of fabrics and materials for furniture, including different types of chenille, suede, tarpaulin, synthetics, vinyl, exteriors material, velvet and jacquard. All of our materials can be customized with different options of engravings, colors and coatings.


Focusing on the automotive industry, we strive to develop specific technological materials for car upholstery. As a result of this effort, we now provide characteristic products in this field: Exporply and Plymohyde.


Being one of our most attractive materials, the artificial leather is also ideal for jackets aimed at all audiences. Following the current trends, we have lightweight and compact nylon-type materials for other jacket styles, as well.

Binding and Advertising

At SIMIL CUERO PLYMOUTH, we offer ideal materials for all types of binding, including diaries, notebooks, albums and folders.