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About us

We are Simil Cuero Plymouth, leaders in the production of textile materials, PU synthetic leather and vinyl since 1964.

Our constant investment in research and innovative technology is behind the wide variety of our products, catering to a large number of industries for all types of markets.

Our company exports to more than 20 countries worldwide, and we have a widespread presence in Mexico through our retail stores and door-to-door delivery system.

Aware of today’s priorities, we are invested in ever more sustainable practices, including the development of sustainable products. Contact us for further information.

A 100% Mexican Company, since 1964

We are proud to be a Mexican a family business with over 55 years of experience in the market.

Creative developments and custom designs

Our priority has always been to develop innovative and personalized products, in a broad range of colors and unique designs.

Efficiency and short delivery time

One of our biggest commitments is to be efficient and reliable. Our stock management guarantees fast deliveries to our customers worldwide.

Environmental responsibility

More than ever, our efforts have been directed towards an increasingly sustainable operation. Contact us for details on our latest developments.