About us

More than 60 years of experience

We are Simil Cuero Plymouth, leaders in the production of textile materials, PU synthetic leather and vinyl since 1964.

Our constant investment in research and innovative technology is behind the wide variety of our products, catering to a large number of industries for all types of markets.

Our company exports to more than 20 countries worldwide, and we have a widespread presence in Mexico through our retail stores and door-to-door delivery system.

A 100% Mexican Company, since 1964

We are proud to be a Mexican a family business, promoting fair employment and state of the art technology.

Creative developments and custom designs

Our expertise and technology allow us to design materials with the technical and aesthetic characteristics that our clients need.

Efficiency and short delivery time

One of our biggest commitments is to be efficient and reliable. Our stock management guarantees fast deliveries to our customers worldwide.



A constant effort towards sustainability

At Simil Cuero Plymouth, a family business founded in 1964, we have always cared about our planet, our environment and our people. Since we built our water treatment plant more than two decades ago, our efforts have focused on achieving an increasingly sustainable operation.

We have carried out various efforts and achieved the fulfillment of different goals focused on being a company that is increasingly sustainable and socially responsible. We are also in a process of constant experimentation and innovation in the development of sustainable production materials.

Clean energy

Since 2019 we began a transition process to the use of clean energy with the intention of reducing our emissions.

Water treatment

Thanks to our water treatment plant, we can reuse 70% of the water for production processes, irrigation and use in sanitary facilities.

Natural gas

The use of clean energy such as electricity generated from natural gas allows us to be more environmentally friendly.

Carbon dioxide

Thanks to the use of clean energy, we can reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30%.

Dangerous residues

We recover more than three tons of PVC per month that is reused to make heels, soles, toys, mops and bath bombs and more.


Annually, we generate 155,000 tons of steam, which places us at the forefront in management and reduction of environmental impact.

Solvent recovery

We reprocess the solvents used in the production of all coagulates.

Human capital

We are an exemplary company in terms of growth opportunities, as illustrated by the stability of our workforce.